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 Bob Henry’s Model T Driving Instructions – click here  Bob’s Instructions


George Kirkham – 1917 International Duckbill Binder – click here   George Kirkham 1917 International Duckbill Binder


George Kirkham – International Motor Truck Collection – click here   kirkhamcollectionwebversion

1960 International

A job for a girl  –  George & Shelby Kirkham’s restoration  –  click here  Shelby Kirkham 1960 IH B100-correx


Gord Dewhirst’s 1941 Ford “Leroy” – click here – Gord Dewhirst 1941 Ford Coupe

Smilin Joe

Joe Asuchak and his amazing REO automobile collection.

click here    Joe Asuchak

62 chrysler

Glenn Plowman is the original owner of this 1962 Chrysler Windsor

Click here    1962 Chrysler Windsor


Chas & the Green Jelly Bean by George Stringam

click here      1949 Chevrolet