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Early Bird Swap Meet

The Early Bird Swap Meet is over for another year, and we will do it again next February. Thanks to all the volunteers, and especially John and Carolyn Potts for all their efforts for making this event a success every year.See you again in 2018.

Words from the Swap Meet Chair
Another year and another swap meet. This year’s swap meet went very well. It was a complete sellout of vender spots and car stalls. The interest in the Lethbridge Early Bird Swap Meet by venders and visitors seems to be growing each year. Every year I am seeing a lot more phone calls and e-mails asking about our swap meet and more people wanting vender spots. Our gate attendance was down a little this year. About thirty four hundred this year compared to thirty nine hundred last year. The weather could have been a factor but the skies over Lethbridge once again opened up for us, just our usual windy day. I know all our vendors from BC made it through. Most came through on Tuesday and Wednesday of the week. Considering how much snow we had just a couple weeks before, I thought we were pretty lucky. The swap meet is a great time to sell the extra parts and buy the new or used parts you need for your projects. It’s also a good time to meet old friends in the car hobby and meet new ones. I try and sit down and have a few words with some of the people I have met over the years, just to say hello or find out how they are doing on their projects. All the people I talk to enjoy coming to the Early Bird Swap Meet. They tell me it is one of the best swap meets to come to because of the selection of car parts and collectables to choose from. It’s a good mix of everything. The vendors also like coming to our swap meet because of the way our club looks after them. They say we run a very good swap meet and for the most they do well. You never know what part you’re going to find as a buyer and you never know what part to bring as a vendor. I guess that is all the fun of it. I would like to thank all the club members who volunteered their time to help with this years swap meet, to make it the success it was. It’s not an easy job directing traffic and operating the overhead doors and not getting run over. (Good thing we had safety vests on.) I noted a lot of sore body’s at the dinner at Ming’s, mine included. Those wooden tables seem to be getting heavier each year. I would especially like to thank Carolyn my swap meet partner and better half for putting up with me and helping me with the registration of vendors for the swap meet for the past five years. (It seems like yesterday). I would also like to thank all the club members who have helped me and Carolyn the past five years with the Early Bird Swap Meet. Yes, this is my last year of being the club chair for the swap meet. It has been an honour for me and Carolyn to organize the Early Bird Swap Meet for our club. It is our way of helping our car club. It has been a great learning experience dealing with the public. It does take up a lot of time doing registration with all the phone calls and e-mails, sending the registrations out and receiving them, then placing everyone on the pavilion layouts. Then comes set up day of the swap meet hoping you have everyone in their right place and keeping everyone happy. I found most people easy to get along with. After getting information for the registration on the phone, I spent more time talking about what autos they had or what they were working on. You’re also the information center. After the swap meet is over people are contacting me, trying to find that vendor in the North Pavilion, so many tables down in the third row. Now it’s time to relax. Just a few more things to finish off. Also at this time I would like to thank and welcome Mike and Barb Yakubowski for taking on the swap meet chair for next year.
Thanks everyone, John

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